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Welcome to our e-zine - here you can read articles on Permaculture, and get news and info about our courses, events and workshops. Feel free to sign up to our mailing list in the sidebar.



Aiki Designs is currently engaged in designing a micro-festival (<500 people) with a permaculture twist, with the aim of raising volunteer labour and funding for the reafforestation of a property in the NSW Northern Rivers region.

If you have skills or experience in permaculture, revegetation or event management and are interested in joining our team to help us develop this festival, or else have a unique, handmade/recycled/organic/ethical product or service you would like to provide then please contact us here


Permaforestry I (coming soon)

Permaforestry is the practice of managing forests to maximise diversity of yields and benefits to humans AND other species, over the longest possible management time-scale (i.e. multiple human generations).

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Organisational Permaculture (coming soon)

A guide to what Bill Mollison termed the “invisible structures of Permaculture” - strategies and design techniques for banks, eco-villages, trusts, foundations and other organisations or projects dedicated to Earth-care and People-care.

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Urban Permaculture Strategies

Updated on Tuesday, January 8, 2013 at 11:12AM by Registered CommenterAiki Designs

A crash course in city survival for people from all walks of life. 4 Modules including one practical and a field trip. Student and unemployed discount available on application.

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