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Consultation and Design

We offer holistic design, advice, troubleshooting, and project management services to individuals and organisations wishing to improve environmental and social outcomes of their lifestyle or enterprise. We use principles and techniques of permaculture, biomimetics, and applied ecology, to assist clients in creating sustainable, ethical, livable lives and occupations.

Mapping significant features, with clients, in palm-dominant rainforestWe have worked with homeowners, farmers, rental tenants, NGOs, schools, businesses, artists and homeless people to provide customised advice, plans and designs for projects and activities as diverse as homes, wildlife corridors, community gardens, events and festivals, and even a permaculture game!

Our planning processes take into account a broad range of socio-economic, environmental and psychological factors impinging on a project, to collaboratively assist stakeholders and decisionmakers in (re)defining problems and developing workable solutions to them. We think outside formal structures (AKA “the box”), and assist our clients to level-up their own thinking in order to optimise our collective abilities. For this reason we also offer both customised and out-of-the-box educational packages, including our online Permaculture Design courses. We recommend our free Introduction to Permaculture course to new and prospective clients.

We have two preferred ways of charging for our advice and design expertise:

  • Strategic Planning
    We talk with you about your project and work out a brief. After researching, we provide you with a report (your Strategic Plan) outlining our suggested solutions with a particular focus on the goals agreed upon for your project.  You get a set number of hours of in-person consultation and pay around $5 AU per-hour for any additional phone consultation.
    Design fee between AU$240 (individuals) and $1200 (corporate fee), depending on circumstances.
  • Retainer
    You hire us as a consultant on an annual basis.  We work collaboratively with you to research, develop and apply the knowledge, skills and techniques applicable to your project. Collaboration with Aiki Designs may result in a new product or service enterprise being developed, or new synergies being created between existing organisations/projects. 
    Negotiable retainer fee for agreed-upon hours in-person + documentation

Suggest another paradigm

Contact us, and explain your idea/s. You don’t have to give anything vital away, just nutshell it for us… We are less interested in profits than we are in being part of finding creative and ethical solutions to real-world problems. Individuals and groups helping out with any of our projects will benefit from special deals/discounts, opportunities for barter trading with individuals, and other alternative economic arrangements.

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