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Farm Planning

Silvicultural treatment at an agroforestry site in QueenslandAiki Designs offers a comprehensive whole-farm planning service that includes assessment of soils, hydrology, production and market potentials, and integrated design of appropriate farm systems to provide materials and energy:

Soil Assessment

We collaborate with several laboratories to assess the health and potential of your property’s soils. Baseline assessment includes assisting you to take samples, helping you interpret the lab results, and providing recommendations for regenerative use and any ameliorative measures we think might be necessary.

Hydrological Assessment

Slope and contour assessment, estimation of storages/throughputs. Recommendations for strategic utilisation and development of storages and common fluxes such as: precipitation (rain) and condensation from low clouds/fog; surface streams/wetlands; subterranean and soil storages etc.

Market Assessment

Customised equipment harvesting green teaOur agribusiness advisory service will help you identify potential products, market opportunities, and technological/infrastructural requirements for your commercial venture. Our advisors have assisted a diverse range of clients, from large international organisations to smaller enterprises and sole traders, to develop products and markets, and to design and deploy critical business infrastructures.

Design and Consulting

We offer advice on a wide array of issues encountered by small-to-medium-sized primary production enterprises, particularly those considering deploying unorthodox methodologies or exploring new markets. General advice/recommendations and downstream troubleshooting is covered by our base rates as below. Other analyses and assessments listed above may incur additional project-specific costs - we will discuss this with you as part of a general consultation.


  • corporate base-rate $120/hr (selected organisations may receive up to 50% discount on this rate)
    Min 1hr consult/workshop on-site, max 6 persons.
  • private citizen base-rate $90/hr (discounts may apply)
    Min 1hr consult/workshop on-site, max 6 persons. Travel is charged at cost (how much it costs us to get transport there) rather than a consultant fee of travel. We think this is fairest for both you and us.

Contact us here to discuss your requirements.

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