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Urban Forestry in the Bamboo Garden

Many city-dwellers are shy of large trees near dwellings, for obvious reasons. We believe, however, that even a small residential block can support a significant fragment of the surrounding urban forest estate, and provide benefits to land, people and wildlife far in excess of the risks posed by healthy, well-cared-for trees. If we are to make our cities healthier, happier and in any way “sustainable”, we must all make allowances for these effortlessly useful citizens, and take responsibility for their welfare: by sensible design, careful monitoring and fearless management.

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Landscape Maintenance 

We provide competitively priced, permaculture-qualified property maintenance services to urban clients in the greater Brisbane region.

Native Pandorea vine in flower at one of our sitesWorking to a strategic plan and recommendations from an Aiki Designs consultant, our property maintenance team will guide the evolution of your site by regular, sustainable steps, using only approved organic inputs. Use of power-tools is minimised; microclimate management and soil-care is a prime priority, as is the identification and management of woody or invasive weeds, and their staged replacement with locally-appropriate productive species. For selected herbaceous weeds we may use our saturated steam system which is totally non-toxic.

We are organic lawn-care specialists, using probiotic fertilisers and deep-sward methods (i.e. a high cut) to promote healthy turf with minimal need for inputs of food or water. We also recommend and use composting and small animal systems such as poultry or guinea pigs, to do the gardening on many urban sites. On larger properties, including rural sites, we may use our state-of-the-art mobile grazing units to improve pasture, weed and mow verges and margins, and control understorey growth in clients’ orchards and agroforestry systems.

We suggest you let us use one or more of these systems to process organic residues from your property into free fertiliser on-site, but for an additional charge we can export biomaterials such as palm-fronds etc. to one of our bulk composting facilities.

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The Quiet Achiever

Anyone who has ever ground their teeth at the noise of an electric or petrol-driven whipper-snipper/weed-eater/brush-cutter (even while using it themselves), will be pleased to know that there is a better technology available to do the job of that infernal machine. And they may surprised to know that it has been available for several centuries.

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