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Urban Forestry in the Bamboo Garden

Many city-dwellers are shy of large trees near dwellings, for obvious reasons. We believe, however, that even a small residential block can support a significant fragment of the surrounding urban forest estate, and provide benefits to land, people and wildlife far in excess of the risks posed by healthy, well-cared-for trees. If we are to make our cities healthier, happier and in any way “sustainable”, we must all make allowances for these effortlessly useful citizens, and take responsibility for their welfare: by sensible design, careful monitoring and fearless management.

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Tree Services

Our tree-care services are focused on developing and improving yields of forest-products (including tree-crops and timber) and vital environmental services (shade, air-purification, climate modification etc.) provided by the public and private forest estate. Together with our long-term collaborator, Gary Shambrook (who has over 30 years experience in the business), we provide specialist tree-shaping, pruning, and felling services. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

New planting at Arakai EstateWe provide advice and design on developing productive tree-systems at any scale (e.g. food/fibre/fuel-forests), but also cultivate a special interest in ultra-small-scale (i.e. backyard) production of select high-value sawlogs of native cabinet timbers. We can travel (or telecommute) anywhere in the world to assist you with design and implementation of your orchard or timberlot project, but unfortunately we cannot offer regular maintenance to clients outside the South-East Queensland region.

Timber milling and salvage operations in the South-East Queensland region are conducted jointly by us and the father-and-son team of Darryl and Brendon Collins, of Arakai Estate, using their TimberKing mobile bandsaw mill. The economics of larger jobs involving higher volumes of wood or a number of logs, may mean we can justify bringing this larger sawmill to the timber, however smaller loads and single logs will need to be loaded on a truck for transport to the mill. In cases where access to the log is too restricted to allow snigging (towing) it to a convenient loading area, or transport costs are prohibitive, we may set up a smaller mill (such as a Lucas) around the log to cut it where it lies.

We are also open to invitations to help promote or develop the concept of decentralised urban production-forestry in other cities, as we believe it is a vital part of urban redesign for sustainability.


Consultation and Design

We offer holistic design, advice, troubleshooting, and project management services to individuals and organisations wishing to improve environmental and social outcomes of their lifestyle or enterprise. We use principles and techniques of permaculture, biomimetics, and applied ecology, to assist clients in creating sustainable, ethical, livable lives and occupations.

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Permaculture Design Certificate

Updated on Tuesday, January 8, 2013 at 3:37PM by Registered CommenterAiki Designs

NB: We have restructured our education modules to create a FREE Introduction to Permaculture course as a prerequisite to enrolment in the comprehensive Permaculture Design Certificate course described below.

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Permaculture: a designer's manual

A compendium not only of agroecological wisdom, but also of the author’s trademark wit, Permaculture: a designer’s manual remains the comprehensive reference text for permaculture designers and students around the world.

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Permaculture: principles and pathways beyond sustainability

As co-originator of the permaculture concept, David Holmgren needs no introduction for most permaculturists. Not as controversial or high profile as his mentor and co-originator Bill Mollison, but every bit as capable of turning conventional thinking on it's head, he has been quietly chipping away at the problematic notion of sustainability for years in his writing.

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