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Entries in The Bamboo Garden (4)


Urban Forestry in the Bamboo Garden

Many city-dwellers are shy of large trees near dwellings, for obvious reasons. We believe, however, that even a small residential block can support a significant fragment of the surrounding urban forest estate, and provide benefits to land, people and wildlife far in excess of the risks posed by healthy, well-cared-for trees. If we are to make our cities healthier, happier and in any way “sustainable”, we must all make allowances for these effortlessly useful citizens, and take responsibility for their welfare: by sensible design, careful monitoring and fearless management.

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Coffee Production in the Bamboo Garden

Coffee is a great candidate for home growing if you live in (or can reproduce the conditions of) the montane or cool tropical, and subtropical forest habitats of the plant (Coffea arabica), and have space for growing small shrubs.

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Biochar in The Bamboo Garden

Black is the new green, if the buzz about biochar is to be believed. There are some good reasons to be optimistic about the potential for using black carbon as a soil amendment to improve local agricultural fertility and to combat global climate change. But of course, as with all technologies and tactics, there are serious strategic issues to consider, before we are able to declare “bio”char as “green”.

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Tank-scaping the Bamboo Garden

We have been putting some finishing touches on our suburban permaculture wildlife haven, The Bamboo Garden, with some hydrological micro-engineering strategies for not-so-level sites.

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