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We provide both custom and ready-to-roll-out Permaculture courses and training units for schools, educational institutions, and commercial operations such as organic farms and eco-businesses.  Units could include Permaculture ethics, basic science and design literacy, philosophy of science and knowledge, climate and biogeography, as well as practical units in composting, organic gardening, waste management, and system design.

We also produce a unique educational game, designed to develop systems thinking and ecological pattern literacy. 

If you are a teacher/educator, business manager or permaculture practitioner and would like to incorporate a Permaculture unit into your training program, please fill out the form below.  We will contact you within 24 hours to discuss it with you.  Alternatively you can contact us here

If you are a primary producer or eco-business we can work with you to develop training units for your employees or volunteers.  In the process you can also take advantage of our consulting service to design or retrofit your systems and procedures along Permaculture principles, in order to achieve maximal efficiency and robustness at minimal administrative, environmental and economic cost.

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